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Workspaces are logical containers that host your Conversational AI bot/VA. supports multi-tenancy and you can create multiple bots with a logical separation with different access controls for all bot related configuration including data, workflows and fulfillments, settings and customer data.
For more information about workspaces & configuration of workspaces, please refer Manage Workspaces


The Cognitive QnA service answers your users' natural language questions by matching it with the best possible answer from the semi-structured content such as Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) in your Knowledgebase. The easy-to-use admin interface enables you to create, manage, train the service without any development experience.
To know more about congnitive QnA & how to add, please refer Manage FAQs


Keyphrases are significant phrases in a FAQ like a product e.g credit card or an action e.g apply. CognitiveQnA uses keyphrases to improve the accuracy of responses and tags them automatically during the training phase.
To know more about keyphrases, please refer Manage Keyphrases


Acronyms are custom ways to provide alias to certain words to improve the vocabulary of the bot.
transfer = tsfr
credit card = cc, credit, cr. card
platinum edge card = pe card, pec, platinum
To know more about acronyms, please refer Manage Acronyms

Small Talk

These are polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters, especially as engaged in on social occasion. These help to interact with users informally before getting into real conversations.
To know more about smalltalks, please refer Manage Small Talk


It is a low code framework for designing and fulfilling a conversational journey, enables developers to design conversational journeys via a WYSWYG web-based Workflow Editor. Developers can specify slots (these can be provided in multiple sequences in utterances), format responses and messages, script validation, configure routing, invoke API's and much more
To know more about workflows & how to configure workflow, please refer Managing Workflow


Out of the box generic UX components like Lists, Carousel, etc which can be edited by a WYSWYG web-based Template Editor. Templates are rendered automatically across multiple conversational channels and can be scripted or customized on compatible channels.
To know more about template components & their configuration, please refer Configuring Templates


Out of the box connectors to standard Messaging Apps, IoT devices, Voice, Mobile, and Web SDK.
To know more about channels & configuration of the channels, please refer Manage Channels

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